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Your Electrician in Charlotte 704-614-3420 Call 1 Home Services

Your electrician in Charlotte 704-614-3420 Call 1 Home Services

How do I find a good electrician?

Q: How do I find a good electrician?

A: When hiring any Electrician, it is a good idea to interview several, and do your homework. Also, be sure to check that their license is in good standing with the state:https://secure.doli.state.mn.us/licensing/licensing.aspx

You may also want to ask for references from previous customers and search the Better Business Bureau’s site to see if they have any complaints. At: http://minnesota.bbb.org/. This can help give you an idea of the previous work done by the electrician and whether previous customers have been happy with their work. Most electricians have references ready for potential customers, as it’s common practice to ask for them. It’s useful in determining a customer base and also helps electricians to build contacts when customers have been happy with their work. The nature of electricians’ work means that the location of customer’s homes can vary widely, so if you are looking for a reliable electrician in tower hamlets for example, chances are there are many previous customers who can vouch for the work they do in that area and further afield.

To help you choose the

best contractor, the following is a list of questions you may also want to ask before hiring any electrician:



Is the company licensed?

Is the company insured?

Are employees covered by workers compensation?

Will they pull a permit for your job (in order to have an inspector check the job to make sure it meets code, you will need to have a permit. A legitimate contractor will pull your permits through their company; they should NOT ask the homeowner to pull a homeowner’s permit)?

Are all workers on the job licensed or registered with the state(all electricians are required to carry their license or registration card on their person at all times – ask to see their license when they show up at your job)?

Are employees paid on commission (some companies charge a trip fee in order to give you an estimate, and then try to sell you electrical work that you don’t necessarily need. You might find you’re talking to more of a salesman than an electrician)?

What kind of warranty do they offer?

Will they give you a written proposal (this should be a detailed description of the work that will be done, outlining exactly what is and is not included)?

Will they need money up front (beware of any contractor who asks for more than 10% up front)?

Who is the company’s Master Electrician and what is his/her title (This question is important, because some Master Electricians are not involved in the daily operations of the company)?

Electricity is an extremely dangerous thing, but one is needed at some point in time by everyone. If you try to wire something up yourself you could get the shock of your life. A good electrician knows how to wire things correctly and save you from a disastrous situation. House fires started because of faulty electrical wiring making it important to find a good electrician.

This is why it is important to find a good electrician. How do you know you are getting a superior craftsman? Recognizing how to find a good electrician is very artful.

A respectable electrician is someone that has the proper training, insured, licensed, and understands the local building and wiring codes.

The professional electrician charges a reasonable rate, stays within his quote and keeps you apprised of work progress. An electrician apprentice works under the licensed electrical contractor, who has the insurance.

Make a list

This first thing that you need to do is make a list of things that should be done around the home?

What is the job you are wanting done by the electrician? This is just one of many questions you should ask yourself before searching for an electrician.

Knowing what it is that is needed will help you to put in order what is the most important item to be done first. You can then determine the kind of electrician you need for the job at hand.

Having a list to give the professional electrician will help him in giving you the best estimate on what it will cost you for all of these combined.

Ask People’s Opinions

Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family members and colleagues who they would suggest for your electrical needs. Many homeowners have had to have the help of an electrician at some time.

Make some phone calls

Call around to some of the electricians who were recommended to you by others. Find out how many years they have been the business. Are they licensed and insured? Ask them if they have any references they could give you. You will want to know what type of work they normally do and if they specialize in home repairs or anything else.

Insurance and licenses?

All electricians should have insurance and they should be licensed in the state they work. In order to get a license they have to be trained and verified by the state and other government agencies that accredit them with being proficient and accomplished at his job. An insurance quote is a must for both parties involved.

The electrician ought to have at least liability insurance just in case there is an accident and damage is caused to your home.

Of all the DIY trades that exist, it is easy to believe that electrics is one of the most dangerous, if only for high voltages and possible explosions in the case of such mishaps as incorrect wiring. It is little wonder that people often turn to professional electricians rather than attempt to do electricians work themselves if it is something more challenging than just changing a light bulb or replacing a fuse. Of course, given that you are the customer, and as long as you are in a position to pay for a service that is up to code, you can have anything you want. You are the boss. This is both a privilege and a responsibility; try not to be too brief when it comes to outlining the task at hand.

It is sad – and by no means not a worrying thing – that not all people who call themselves “electricians” deserve to be labelled as professional standard ones, even if they do call themselves the same. Yes, electrics is a single separate interest with its own techniques, tools and vocabulary, but you just may be surprised at how many “professional” Top trades do not even come close to doing a satisfactory job. Not that the things to consider stop at the level of what skills they have or do not have; if they do not turn up on time, charge too much or exploit customers with hidden costs, stay away.

The demand for professionalism can and does start before there is the first contact between professional person and customer. Sometimes it is just a matter of not being careless with tools, or taking the initiative to buy new ones in advance, if only to avert delays with service provision.

What are the qualities of a “good” electrician? Apart from a good knowledge of electrics, important ones are good analytical skills and hand eye co-ordination, patience, a good sense of balance and physical fitness.

You should make sure, especially if the project is a serious one, that an electrician is registered. And bonded: a bond being an insurance policy for which the contractor pays a premium; which forms the basis of a guarantee.

Some electricians cannot resist the prospect of being paid as soon as possible. But if an electricians in Charlotte demands money before starting work, the rate should not be more than 10% of the cost of the project, evaluated in advance.

Should the electrician have employees working under him, he will more than likely have Workman’s Compensation insurance covering them in case of any accidents. Seeing proof for both of these is a good idea. Don’t forget to call to see if these policies have lapsed.

What do you ask references?

Once you have their reference names and phone numbers call them. Ask if the job was done in a timely fashion and within the budget. If there were problems was the electrician willing to fix it?

Getting an Quote or Estimate

The Quote or estimate is a guaranteed price. Ask about the addition of new technology items such as surge protectors for the whole house.

Making it well – known in the beginning of what is expected will help get a better Estimate.

Cheaper is not always better

Remember sometimes you get what you pay for and that is not always the best. For your home you want the best. A professional will give you a schedule for projects they are doing. The will offer a reasonable quote for the work, permits and materials needed.

Does he have a Permit?

Permits are a must and are in the electrician’s name. There is an only a problem getting one if the electrician is hiding something. Large projects will require a permit.Having a permit will guarantee the job is done correctly as another professional will come out and inspect the work.

Hope that helps

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