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All that a Handyman Does.

More times than I can mention, I’ve seen homeowners be persuaded that they needed a new roof way before it was time to do so. Whilst there are cases where Richmond Roofing needs to come in and do some major repairs, there are many times where other companies say they need to do more work than they do. At that time I felt the roofing company had dealt with there customer unjustly, or should I say they just ripped them off. A homeowner at times just doesn’t know any better and they have to rely on who they feel is the expert and of course, that does put them at a disadvantage. This blog is to help you as a homeowner to be more knowledgeable about your home and in this segment Your Roof. So you are not spending upwards of $8,000 (Average 1100 sq. ft home) at a time when it could be put off for 5 and sometimes 10 years. Homeowners find concerns with there roofs typically when they discover a leak in the ceiling and therefore panic sets in that “Oh my God The roof needs replacing”. The next step of course is to call the roofing company. The roofing company comes out and because there is not a lot of money in repairing a leaking roof, they may opt to convince you that the roof is beyond repair and needs replacing’.

Just because you have a leak does not mean you need to replace it by any means.

It just means you have a leak that needs repairing. And I think all of us would rather spend $200.00 to repair versus $8,000 to replace. Believe me when I say that 90% of the time it can be repaired. That right 90% of the time it can be repaired.

I know that may surprise some of you but that is a fact. Sometimes you can get this done with some spray foam roofing, other times you can do it yourself. So my suggestion to all that are homeowners and most of you are. Is to make sure you understand what the issue is with your roof before making a discission to replace it. How do you do that you ask? Research, Research. The world today is running over with information and just about anything. Do your homework on this subject especially due to the fact that it is going to cost you a bundle if you don’t. And be prepared when the roofing company comes out. Ask questions and know the answers. If the roofer con-dims your roof in a matter of minutes, Look for another roofer. Think about these possibilities : Nail pops can raise the shingles and allow water to penetrate where the nail goes through the roof structure. This can be easily corrected by re-nailing these areas.

Old vent boots are also a place to look. These get dried out by the exposure to the elements. The rubber around the vent stack cracks open and allows water to get through.

Just because you have a shingle that breaks away doesn’t mean anything. Yes, you may be looking into getting some corrugated roofing sheets installed regardless, but don’t let this be the push towards something you weren’t considering. This happens quite often and is also easily repaired, sometimes using the same shingle. Or, if it is a single part of the roof that needs fixing (like that on a conservatory) then you could consider replacing that section with help from https://www.projects4roofing.co.uk/ rather than the whole roof.

Cracked ridge caps can be replaced and if you can not get it removed because they overlap. Then just seal it with a good sealant.

But of course know when it is time for a new roof .

When you get to this stage, Its time and you need to make plans for getting it done. So this is some information to think about when it comes to your roof. It’s a very important part of your home that needs to be maintained at all times. It protects everything in your home. But my point here is to know your roof and get the most out of it.

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