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Handy Tip from your Charlotte Handyman.

How To Fix A Running Toilet.

It Pays Great When You Know How To Fix A Running Toilet

Everyone can be a jack-of-all-trade nowadays especially that hundreds of how-to-books have been written and published not only in prints but also on the internet. Everything can be done even without a formal training on a particular subject like fixing anything in the home or office. Thanks to the brilliant minds behind those writings for they have proven to be so beneficial especially to us homemakers. When it comes to household tips such as how to fix a running toilet, people can find it a big help to know at least the basic home repair tips to get the job done. And this time, that is exactly what you are about to learn.

Flush toilets are nothing new. In fact they have been around for so many years and are still improving since the first time they were introduced in the market. From the very simple design and mechanism, they have evolved into a little more sophisticated and posh styles. But its function and capability are still the same from the day it was invented except for the fact that water-saving features have now been added to some brands of water closets.

It pays great to be acquainted with the basic components in order to know how to fix a running toilet. Within the tank or water closet is a simple mechanism composed of two types of valves. The other valve stops the water when the closet is full. It is controlled by a float that looks like a plastic ball. It is by and large the first thing you can see when you open the lid of the water closet. The other valve is the one responsible for flushing the toilet, thus called the flush valve. It is located at the bottom of the tank and is controlled by the handle. When the flush handle is pressed or pushed the flush valve opens and water is released into the toilet. It closes when you let go of the handle and water fills the tank again up to a certain level. If you’re ever unsure, you can of course look to hire Plumbing services to help out, but having this basic understanding is very useful.

Now let us go back to the question how to fix a running toilet. The most common problem is when the water does not stop from flowing into the bowl. When this happens, one thing is certain-the flush valve does not close properly so the water escapes constantly. It can be caused by a broken chain that connects the handle to the flush valve. If this is the problem then establish connection again. Don’t panic. Open the lid and replace the broken chain. If the chain is still in place then most probably it is the flush valve that has a problem. It may be too old and worn out. Simply remove it and replace it with new one.

If things don’t seem to work out the way you expected it, try turning off the valve for the meantime until you can call a professional and licensed plumber, like Paul The Plumber, to show you how to fix a running toilet. You could also call out a professional if you need your toilet fixed ASAP. If you end up going this route, make sure you pay special attention and ask many questions so you can do it yourself in the future if you have to.

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