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Handyman in Charlotte. Call 1 Home Repair 704-614-3420

Handyman in Charlotte. Call 1 Home Repair 704-614-3420


Do you have a local handyman here in Charlotte that you can count on?? Well, look no further. We have been in the Charlotte area for 30 years, Doing all types of home repairs and remodeling. Handyman is not a work we take lightly. We do know just about everything about residential housing and what it takes to repair, remodeling , maintain your home.

It can be plumbing, electrical, carpentry, Handyman items of all types. We not only know how to do it,, We know how to do it right the first time. We know what that means to you. Handyman projects dont mean that you are OK with something done in a unprofessional way. You expect it to be done right.

There are a huge # of  Handymen in Charlotte but only a few that know what we know.

Let us prove what our Handyman services can do for you.

Call 1 Home Services 704-614-3420

What you should expect from a Handyman.


From the customer’s first email or phone call to Helpful Handyman, thru to the completion of the project and beyond, we seek to build a working relationship with our customers and meet their expectations.

Some of the ways we endeavor to meet our customers expectations are with systems that allow us to provide a timely accurate written quote, keep track of their projects progress, keep accurate customer contact info, and be able to invoice the customer for exactly the services they received.

  • When you first contact helpful Handyman for a quote, you will be asked for your contact info, the address where the work is being done and an email address we can email the quote to. We will arrange a time to look at the project and hopefully meet you at that time
  • After we have the information about your project from the site visit, we will work out an overall price based on the time and material involved in each phase of the work. Using a spread sheet all the costs are added up and that file is then used to make up a Quote or Contract  that is emailed to you. After you accept the quote we arrange to get a signed copy of the contract and we schedule a time to get the work completed.
  • During the work process on site we endeavor to keep the site as clean as is practical and to disturb your home as little as possible.
  • Payment for small projects payment is expected on completion of the work.
  • For large projects a partial payment may be expected part way thru the project.
  • An invoice will usually be emailed to you when the project is completed and any remaining balance is due at that time.

We hope that your introduction to Helpful Handyman will be so rewarding that you will want to share that with others. We thank you for any referrals!

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Hiring a Handyman

Step 1 Create a project list
Before you start your search, define your project. Outline the tasks to be done and consider the skills that are needed. Look for someone proficient in those areas. Generally, a handyman–or handywoman, as is increasingly the case–can handle a number of small tasks, like fixing a faucet, patching a hole in the wall, or installing a light fixture. He might not have the skills for more-complicated jobs, like plumbing, or electrical. For those projects, hire a person who works in the trade.
Step 2: Start your search
Word of mouth is still considered one of the best ways to find a reliable handyman. Talk with neighbors, people who live in similar houses, clerks at the local hardware store, or trade workers who have done work on your house in the past. The Web is a convenient way to find a professional, but there are some guidelines to follow to ensure a good hire.
There are franchise operations entering the market which tend to be more expensive charging an than the typical a minimum fee of $125 plus $85 an hour verse $50 per hour to $60 per hour charged by an independent handyman. While both type of operations work in much the same way, you should look for differences in how much experience they require of their handymen, how they screen employees, and how much they charge. In addition, verify how the job will be billed. Will it be hourly, hours plus materials, or a set fee for the entire job?
There are web sites that provide handyman screening and referrals are alternatives to franchise companies. Beware, these sites charge the handyman a referral fee which is passed on to you.

Step 3: Dig deep
Interview at least three handymen for the job. Find out how long each has been in the business and in what areas they specialize, and examine whether those skills match the work that needs to be done. But don’t stop there. Ask for references from similar jobs and speak with previous clients to see whether they were satisfied. Ask for photos of the work, and also find out what the fees are. And be wary of companies that ask for advance deposits.
Finally, check for complaints against the company by contacting the office of consumer affairs in your state (the BBB is a good resource for this information) or by contacting a local office of the Better Business Bureau or searching its Web site . Remember, it’s not just how many complaints have been filed against a company but also the type of complaints and whether they’ve been successfully resolved. “A serious red flag would be a number of unresolved complaints,” says Adkins. Ask the handyman to provide evidence of liability insurance and get a written agreement detailing the work to be done, cost, and fee schedule. It also pays to verify that the handyman is licensed, though according to the Contractor’s License Reference Site , not all trade workers paid hourly need a license. Plumbers and electricians must be licensed, though. You’ll find licensing requirements for each state on the site.
Step 4: Sign off
After all the effort of finding the right handyman, it might be tempting to relax at the end of the job. But before making the final payment, examine the work to be sure it has been done to your satisfaction and that the work area is tidy. If a handyman should fail to satisfactorily complete a job, after giving the handyman a chance to rectify the situation, you should report the problem .

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