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Handyman in Charlotte NC with 35 years experience in Home Repairs & Remodeling

You cant beat experience when in comes to someone working on something as important as your home. What a disaster it can be when a handyman or Home repair contractors   doesn’t have it. A Handyman should be able to handle anything that has to do with your home and how it functions. Plumbing, Electrical, Repairing floors joist, Roofing repair, Window replacement, Siding replacement, Soffit repair, Trim board replacement, Foundation cracks, rotted band sill replacement, floor  joist replacement, Installing ceramic or  Porcelain Tiles, Hardwood refinishing, Hardwood installation, Sink installation, faucet installation , Faucet repair, Plumbing problems, water damage, Shower stall installation, Sheetrock repair, Kitchen cabinet installing, Kitchen remodeling, Bath Remodeling, Toilet installation, Toilet repairs, Bath Cabinets,  The list goes on and on.

We have the experience in home repairs  and we want to prove it to you. We are a  licensed & Insured General Contractor in Charlotte nc , Handyman Service , Home Repair company. We have quick response to your home repair needs. We are professional and want be beaten.

Give us a call @ 704-614-3420

And visit us on the web @ call1homerepair.com


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Welcome to our blog where we share our expert knowledge and experience on home remodeling and home repair projects.

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