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Home Repairs & Remodeling is our passion,,, Call 1 Home Services 704-614-3420

Why use Call 1 Home Services ??  In Charlotte –704-614-3420

With all the handyman companies you could call on,, Why call 1 Home Services ? Well I can think I could think of 10 good reasons.

1: Quality,, We are going to make every effort to do the job at the very best of our ability and with the best products available.

2: Trust,, When we are in and around your property we want you to feel comfortable with our presents.

3: Integrity,, We are looking to make every home owner we work for a customer for life. We want to leave them with a feeling that they had the right company on the job.

4: Professional,, We are going to come prepared to do the job. Our trucks have all the necessary tools and equipment there with us. And we are trained to know how to use them.

5: Courteous ,, We train evryone on our team to be considerate of your property and you as a person and home owner.

6: Knowledgeable,, In one thing to have all the tools in the world but if you don’t know how to use them. Knowing what a project will take from beginning to end.

7: Innovative,, Sometimes it may take a little know how and want to get the tougher jobs to finish.

8: Punctual,, There is nothing worse than not knowing when your contractor will show up. We make a point to be there when we say we will be there.

9: Appropriate,, We will always be dress in the appropriate work attire, We want come looking like we didn’t think before we got dressed for the day.

10: Fair: We will always be comparative with our pricing.

Visit us @                                                         WWW.CALL1HOMESERVICES.COM

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