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Learn from your Handyman.

More than likely you will need to rely on a contractor or Handyman at some point in your home ownership. And if you are not great at home repairs then it may be more often than you would like.

But the reason for this post would be to suggest that you  learn about your home through your Handyman or Home repair guy. Yes that’s right. A good Handyman will not be angry about you asking questions about what has gone wrong and how he will go about fixing it. Besides, thats what you are paying him to do is fix it and its just natural for you to   want to understand what and why.

Its your home and you need to know as much about it as you can in order to take better care of it down the road. It also doesn’t hurt to pick up a few Home repair books anywhere you may find them. More often than not you could get them really cheap.

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