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Restoring my deck in Charlotte NC.

Restoring my deck in Charlotte NC.

Restoring my deck in Charlotte NC.

We had the pleasure this week in helping a senior citizen restoring there deck on the rear of her home.

As with most seniors money can sometimes be of concern. The reason I named this restoring my deck was because I wanted to do it for her.


A deck is something that is nice to have but it can’t always be a priority. In this case she knew that it was going to become dangerous if left it as is. She also had a grandchild that she wanted to be able to take out and at the same time feel comfortable. With this being the case, all decking should be constructed to be sturdy and withstand the rigors of family life. Therefore, choosing pressure-treated and hard-wearing materials is absolutely essential to the longevity of a deck.

It took some time to evaluate what could be salvaged. Restoring a deck means getting it back to a safe condition first. Then think about the cosmetics. So on this deck restoration. There were many structural issues that had to be address. 1st being the steps and the railing system. They had become weak and shaky where they were nailed on or bolted. Some structural components were changed out with new treated material. When you do this it can sometimes stand out against some of the more weathered material and its noticeable. Our deck staining product will help this a little.

When a home restoration and construction project is being administered, there needs to be a number of checks to be done to analyze the area and see just how much damage there is and which would be the best possible route. In some jobs, a professional restoration company will need to be called in to complete the task as there are parts that will need to be done a certain way. Researching the best ones in your area will help you out with this request.

Image result for image of deck restore

Deck Restoring process

Decking restore products

Then we could move on to preparing the next which meant pressure washing. This deck had weathered so badly that we were not going to get it back to a true wood color so again, the deck stain is the solution.

Restoring my deck


Thereafter we were ready to do what was going to make the biggest difference. The deck restorer.

We used a heavy nap on the roller to allow the stain to get deeper into the cracks and crevices. Which this deck a lot of. Takes a little more time to do these old decks for obvious reasons but you can bring them back to life if you take the time.

Give it a try Restoring my deck can save you thousands! You’ll also likely want to check out sites like https://deckstainpro.com/whats-the-best-deck-stain-to-use/ to find the best deck stainer to use while saving yourself money!

If you’re looking to get decking for your garden, get in touch with your local deck builder.

Thanks for reading.


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