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Can you do your own Home Repairs ?? Yes You Can !!


The answer is yes, Without a doubt.

I think most of us can jump in and tackle some of these things and in the process save money and build confidence that can maybe lead us to do do bigger projects in the future.

There is so much information out today on the web today. It is amazing to say the lest. Here is a example. One thing if you stay in a house long enough you will need to repair some areas of the exterior. Weather is going to take its toll and things are going to wear or rot out. Doors and windows may be in need of repair or replacement. I think you might be surprise at how easy it actually is to change out a wooden window and install a vinyl replacement. Someone that has done this before can do it in about3o min, if you have any trouble you could always ask a professional – similar to Hawaii Windows – for assistance on anything that you aren’t so sure about.

There just not that much to it. Now the tricky part is going to be not putting it in but making sure you have the right window before you tear the old one out. You have to have the right window. Take a full set of measurements on the interior as well as the exterior. Measure from the outside to outside of the trim or casing (left to right) on the interior. Now measure from the top of the trim down to just under the stool( This is the little ledge at bottom of window, you could actually sit something on it) Most all wooden windows have these. Now you can measure the actual window sashes. Measure the upper width & Height & The lower width and height. Now you should have enough information to take to your local hardware like Home Depot or Lowes. If you get a good window and door guy he will be able to get you going in the right direction. And you can also take a picture of the windows to take along with you. It will never hurt to have to much information. And it brings something a little extra for the supply house to go by.

In most house you may only have 2 to 3 different sizes. You may notice this as you start the measuring process. Keep tract of each size and the # of them you will need.

Don’t get to intimidated by this. It will work out if you take your time. You may want to just take one window and start when you know you have plenty of time and see how it goes. Getting the old one out shouldn’t take more that 1 hr for a beginner. It will all come out down to the framing on the house. And that measurement is what is considered the Rough Opening, and that’s what you will be sliding the new unit in to.

Utube is a place you can visit to get further information on this topic. Just key in How to replace a residential window unit. Look through the videos and find one that looks to be similar to your project.

I have done hundreds of these and I know how it felt to do my first one. I thought I may leave this home owner with a gaping hole in there house with no understanding as to how to get the window back in correctly. But as I said, it did work out for me and it will for you.

Hope this help in your journey to being a better DIY.


Paul Kerr

Call 1 Home Services of Charlotte

www.Call1Home Repair.com


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