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Deck Project in Charlotte

Do you have a Deck project in Charlotte where you need a professional? Call 1 Home Services is happy to complete decking projects of different complexity levels for you. Call us today at 704-614-3420! We have 35 years experience and a bunch of testimonials

The truth is that sooner or later your decking will need a replacing, no matter how well you maintain it.

Deck project in Charlotte Images

Deck project in Charlotte

Old decking condition

You may not observe any problems in this photo; the fact is that the deck is falling through in a couple of places. The boards are warped, decayed and splitting.

First thing we did was strip down the decking to the framing.

Deck framing uncovered.

Deck framing.

Once we finished with that, we noticed that the joist system’s condition is rather good, taking into account how old this system was. Yes, there were some trouble places, but there were not a lot of them and we’ve decided to proceed with getting the deck back down in place.

Because of an extensive rot, we had to rebuild some stringers.

Decking step stringers.

Decking step stringers.

The guys were moving along.

The guys were moving along.

It didn’t take us much time to get it resurfaced and we’ve successfully corrected all the trouble areas. There were a couple of days when the weather didn’t let us work on the project, but other than that we’ve done well in the end and finished on time.

We’ve done top rails as well as the 1X4s, which went around the outside band.

Getting close to finis

Getting close to finished

It took us a lot efforts to successfully complete the project, but finally it was really great in the end and the homeowner was really happy with the result.

We used #1 clear yellow pine. very nice.

We used #1 clear yellow pine. very nice.

The finished look was nice and the homeowner loved the new look.

Overall, Great improvememt

Overall, Great improvement!

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