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Home Rot Repairs in Charlotte NC

The truth is that one of the most costly repairs is home is wood rot repair. It can be found anywhere in your home where you have wood. We constantly see it in inspection reports. We are very experienced with home rot repair in Charlotte NC and can help solve any issues you are having. Some (not all) areas you can see the wood rot issues are:

  • Facial rot
  • brick mold around the windows
  • trim work and siding. 

Most of home repairs we do include things like these. They can be small or big. Actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s large or tiny, your home inspector will find it for sure and include in his report.

Home Rot Repairs in Charlotte Photos

Home Rot Repairs in Charlotte NC

What termites can do.

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Due to high humidity caused by the change of the heat and rain home wood repairs are very common in the Charlotte area.

What is really great is that today you can buy special composite materials. However NO rot materials can be purchased in regular home repair stores of hardware.

Check Lowes Hardware to see what is available now in your area. Another excellent place to get an idea of what materials you can use for your house repair is Azek. Home Rot Repairs in Charlotte can be a delicate project. If you aren’t 100% comfortable make sure you call a professional. 

Pay attention to the quality of materials you purchase and make sure to hire the right contractor. If he seems quite experienced in your home’s problem, ready to provide the solution and has all necessary insurances he might need if something goes wrong – choose him.

The fact is that larger home wood rot repairs are usually quite difficult to do and may become a real problem sometimes. And, we’re sure you don’t want somebody to cause even more damage and make things worse than they were.

Pay attention to reviews and references posted at the BBB.

Home Rot Repairs in Charlotte NC

Floor repair.

Home repair contractor.
Framing repair.

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Rubber membrane to help with future water intrusion.



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