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What to Do with Moisture in Crawl Space?

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One of the worst things you may have in your home is moisture in the crawl space. In the past year we had a lot of projects where we had to fight with this problem in many houses. As you can see on the photos, we’ve investigated different crawl areas, made the reading and all of them were high.

Moisture in Crawl Space

2nd location

We also did checks on structural members as well.

moisture reading on subfloorMoisture in Crawl Space

moisture on floor insulation

As you can notice, moisture is everywhere. When you see the levels are as high as these one, that means, you have problems.

Moisture in Crawl Space Images

Black mold on Subfloor

Black mold on Subfloor


Black mold on Subfloor

You can see black spores of mold growing on the floors. I’m sure this is not something you’d like to see in your house. This is caused by Moisture in Crawl Space. If you find black mold in your home, you may want to get in touch with a licensed mold inspector – see https://awamoldinspections.com for more information.

In one of the areas there had been water saturated insulation. It was removed, though never reinstalled. The fact is that insulation doesn’t solve the moisture problem, but it acts as a barrier from the moist open air. And yes, it’s going to protect to a certain degree. After it disappeared, it became exposed. And you can see the result of it.

Now let’s see how you can avoid the same problem in your house.

First of all, you should consider putting down a moisture barrier. This 6 mil product is usually put on the ground overlapping by about a foot.

The next step here is to get the insulation back up paper facing floor system.

Then it will be great to buy a dehumidifier. Often it is the most expensive thing from all others, but you should definitely consider it if you want to keep the structure from huge damage.

Actually, this is all you have to know about keeping your crawl space free of moisture. And in case you can’t access all you crawl areas, have someone to inspect them for you. It will be a very reasonable investment.


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