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Charlotte Deck Repair

It was another interesting project, where we installed porch & deck railing system.  Although we’ve completed a lot of similar projects, this one was special as there were lots of steps taken and the results were really great. Read about this great Charlotte Deck Repair project. 

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Charlotte Deck Repair



Looks simple, but requires a lot of work to make this railing system reliable and secure. And of course this needs to be solid and shouldn’t break in a couple of months.

At the very beginning we had to spend an entire day to prepare the holes for the lead shields that will be needed for the post installation. There were 16 holes we had to tap out. We had to use a hammer drill and there was a masonry work there.

There are certain precautions to take when it comes to drilling into masonry. First of all, no bricks should be cracked during the drilling process. This will result in further problems, which can be difficult to solve and may lead to the old troubles.

Charlotte Deck Repair

As always, we need to be extra careful during this process.

Once the holes are drilled out, we have to take care of the shields. A shield needs a 5/8’’ bolt and a hole. Make sure you follow these requirements, as it won’t work if the hole is too large or too small.

Cut your 4×4 post, so it is about 32’’ above the porch. You’ll need to add another 5 to 6’’ to that.  This will help you to split the post in half at the bottom. So you’ll be able to set it down on top of porch and also have a section to run along the side of porch for bolting.

As you can see, it looks like a completely different porch with the railings up.

Charlotte Deck Repair Image

Charlotte Deck Repair

Although it took some time to complete, it added nice look and safety to the home.

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