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Restoring A Deck in Charlotte NC

Restoring a deck

Restoring a deck.

Storing a deck.

This past week we had the pleasure of helping a senior citizen in restoring a deck at the rear of her home. As you can see there were a # of reasons why she needed to do so. Severely dry rotted and splitting. There was no way to restore a deck in this condition. Pressure washing was out.

Restoring a deck.

deck railings pulling up.

However, at the same time we wanted to be sensitive to the fax that she was on a fixed income and if it was possible we were looking to save whatever we could to cut the cost.

Weathered and gray.

Weathered and gray.

So, we came up with distinct approaches to save the framework of the deck, post for railing and stair stringers. Well, that was the plan and we found later that we could not adhere to that completely.

When we started the demo on the deck, the railing post just fell off as we were trying to remove the rails and pickets. And as we were removing the step treads, the stringers were falling apart. So, of course, before we went any further we had to discuss with the homeowner what restoring a deck was looking like at that point.

In this post I will not have the finished product until later. We didn’t do anything fancy with it again due to the cost. So this one is pretty basic.

We got everything off first of course and prepped it for the new materials.

preparing deck for new materialsold decking removed from frame work 2old decking removed from frame work

This was a job for sure, but we got it off. And moved on to getting the new materials installed. And we did as always should be Treated wood product used.

We got the stairs up and going so we had a way to get on and off the deck.





We had not installed the pickets as of yet here.

Decking going in.

new decking going down

Some railings going up.

Deck Railings

Deck Railings

As I had mentioned earlier, as we were removing the railing system the post was coming off as well. So we installed new ones and as you can see, we put lag screws instead of the nails they had used before. That is not the proper way to install the post.

This is where we are as of now. Check back with us and see the end result.


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