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Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling

Valve Replacement

          Valve Replacement

Charlotte Bathroom RemodelingThere are numerous Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling services offered in Charlotte today. Being made by real experts, the bathroom remodeling can positively impact the value and look of your home.

This week we’ve just started another big project of bath remodeling.

The first thing we did was remove materials to get to the wall stud. There Charlotte Bathroom Remodelingwasn’t a lot of work to do and not too much damage to the structural components. We had to deal just with the small floor area which was cut out to expose the plumbing.

It didn’t require much repair. The next step we took was buying and installing the new tub valve. On the photos you can see the very beginning of the repair process.

Next we’ll  cover many other phases of the project. Here we applied numerous adjustments on the valve in order to make the surround kit to be fixed in place. We needed to move it back to get everything fit up flush against the wall kit without gaps. After the adjustments it worked well.

Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling Services

There are some other things to do here and we’re going to finish these within the following few days: cabinet, painting, tissue holder, medicine cabinet, towel ring and towel bar. The final step will be changing an old door for a new one. And, we’ll be laying some tile too.

There was a lot of materials and we’re going to do our best. Need bathroom remodeling or repair? Call us today:  704-613-3420

Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling

Floor Repair

      Floor Repair

Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

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