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Electricians in Charlotte

Here, at Call 1 Home Services we’re happy to provide you with high quality Plumber/Electrician/Handyman services with our electricians in Charlotte. If you’re searching for company that can do all these, you’re in the right place. Please call us today at 704-614-3420.

Let’s take it as it comes. Everybody who has home needs to take care of it and do all necessary repair and remodeling works when needed. If something goes wrong you have to fix it, as you just can’t live without all those utilities.

If there is a leak in the plumbing system, you have either to repair it or allow the water damage. I’ve met a lot of homeowners who didn’t do the necessary repair for a long period of time and the result was thousands dollars of repairs. It’s crucial not to delay the repair to avoid more serious problems.

Electricians in Charlotte

Let our Handyman Services take care of all these home repairs that can just multiple over the time and get even worse.

Being in the market for more than 35 years, we’ve successfully provided Plumber, Electrician and Handyman services in Charlotte area. Please look through our customer’s feedback to see how many people have already benefited from our services.

Share your request on our contact page or call us at 704-614-3420.

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