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Be a Diversified Handyman .

That’s right, The more you know as a handyman the better.

As A Handyman, If you are going to make a living doing home repairs, handyman services, You better know more than just putting a door knob on.

There is so much you will need to know, and you want to feel comfortable working on all types of problems. You know and I know that you absolutely need to have insurances for when something really goes wrong, but its not for every little screw up you may encounter or should I say Cause. Go turning in a few claims to your general liability Insurance company and they want keep you long. I look at that insurance for catastrophic situations.

So if you get put in front of something that you don’t feel you can figure out,, Then just back away and let the next guy handle it.

But back to the topic, Diversified Handyman.

Let me ask a few questions, Maybe a check list for you Handymen out there.

Whats the best materials to work with when it comes to plumbing?




The answer is PVC. Why you ask. Well, It doesn’t corrode like metals. It seals together better cutting down on leaks. Easier to cut, lighter weight ect.

Do you use plumbers puddy?

Sometimes or

All the time.

The answer is sometimes. We don’t use plumbers puddy on everything. There are certain applications where this would be used. One would be when installing a new kitchen faucet. Under the main body of the faucet where it rest on the sink is a good place to add puddy. This helps in sealing water from coming under and down under the sink.

Another place would be the strainer baskets. putting this product under the strainer before tightening down will also help with leaks.

Keep a check on other tips for a Diversified Handyman.

A good Handyman will always be looking for ways to learn more about his trade.

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