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Funny statistic about Handymen,,, Not us of course Call 1 Home Services 704-614-3420

Contractors From Heaven or… (funny survey)

Fourteen percent said a  Handymen had asked them to help with the work, 3 percent said a contractor asked them out on a date, and 4 percent said a contractor took food or drink from the refrigerator without asking. Two percent of respondents said the contractor took a nap on their bed or couch.
Sixty-four percent of respondents said contractors are “usually professional and get the job done properly and on time.” However, one-fifth of homeowners said Handymen are “unreliable, often late and rarely finish a job when they say they will.”


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The most common “contractor nightmare” that respondents reported was that a job took a lot longer than the contractor promised, with nearly half saying that had happened to them. Another common issue, reported by 30 percent: While fixing one thing, the contractor broke another.

Factors to discouraging people from hiring a contractor to do work inside their home:

  • Cost 41%
  • Fear of disappointment if job is not done correctly 33%
  • Worried about the mess a contractor would create 10%
  • Feared of contractor would bring germs into their home by touching things, sneezing and coughing 4%
  • Concerned by the thought of workers using their bathroom 1%

Reason for choosing a particular contractor:

  • Recomendation 70%
  • Feeling of Trust 16%
  • Price 10%
  • Good Looking 1%

Nearly 40 percent of respondents said environmental considerations were not a factor in deciding whether to hire a particular Handymen . However, about a third said they would be more likely to hire someone who incorporates recycling into their practices, and 15 percent said they would prefer to hire someone who uses products that reduce chemical emissions and fumes.

In most households, men and women jointly choose which contractor to hire, according to survey respondents. Twenty-three percent said a man makes the call, and 18 percent said a woman does.

SOURCE: Kimberly-Clark ProfessionalPicking a reliable  Handymen can be as tough as walking on nails. “Licensed” might just mean he paid a fee for his license. And the Better Business Bureau can tell you only if there are complaints about a contractor. Follow these steps to improve your odds of finding someone who will get the job done on time, on budget.

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