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When you find a good Handyman in Charlotte , Stay with them. 704-614-3420

When you find a good Handyman in Charlotte , Stay with them. 704-614-3420 Call 1 Home Services


How to Find an Honest Handyman

By Call 1 Home Services 


If you are not fortunate enough to have the skills or time to take care of home repairs yourself, the next best option is an honest, reliable handyman. A trustworthy handyman with general knowledge can become a real asset in maintaining your home and improving its value, as well as freeing up valuable time for you. Here are some tips for finding an honest handyman you can trust with the care of your home.


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      Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. A personal recommendation from someone you trust is the best way to find an honest handyman. Be sure to ask how long they have worked with the handyman, what kinds of projects they have done, and any other specifics you are concerned about (i.e., neatness, timeliness, personality, etc.).

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      Check your local building center/hardware store. Most larger building centers have a bulletin board where contractors and handymen can advertise their services. Ask a knowledgeable clerk if he has suggestions or feedback on any handymen you are considering. When you call the handyman, be sure to ask for phone numbers of current customers who are willing to offer a recommendation.


    • Look through your local newspaper’s classified ads, online classifieds such as Craigslist and directory websites specializing in handymen and contractors (See Resources). Make note of any specifics in the handyman’s ad: hourly rate, location, specializations, etc. Once again, ask for references and check them thoroughly, asking specific and detailed questions about the issues that are most important to you.

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      Verify the handyman’s contractor license number, if he has one. Depending on state regulations, handymen may or may not be required to carry a contractor’s license. Check the website listed below (See Resources) for your state’s contractor licensing requirements and how to verify contractor licenses. Whether required or not, a contractor’s license is an extra measure of security for you. A valid license ensures the engages in solid business practices, is free of complaints and keeps an address on file. If not licensed, verify that the handyman has a general liability insurance policy which will cover any damages to your home resulting from the work performed.





Tips & Warnings

  • Be proactive in searching for a handyman; don’t wait for a major emergency. If possible try two to three handymen out on different small projects. If the project is extensive or complicated, get three bids. In addition to giving you an idea of cost, it will also give you an idea of how each contractor runs their business and how they handle questions and negotiation. Don’t automatically choose the lowest bid. Strong positive references and your own comfort level should carry more weight than low price in the final decision. Effective communication is key to finding the right handyman. Ask for a written estimate before the work begins and be sure that you understand what will be done and what you are paying for. If a handyman has a problem with this, you should probably look for another candidate.



    How to Hire A Home Improvement Handyman


    How to Hire A Home Improvement Handyman thumbnail
    Carpentry is typically a core skill for most handymen.

    Having the right person working on your home can mean the difference between costly mistakes and quality job. Your home is one of your biggest investments, and you should only have quality-minded professionals work on it. With a bit of research and planning, you can make an informed decision and hire the best-qualified handyman to perform work on your home. Does this Spark an idea?



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        Define the home improvement project. Whether it is one task or several, take a few minutes to write down the task(s) in need of attention. Be as detailed as possible. If painting a room, have the new color selected. Prioritize this list as budget constraints may force you to spread the completion of these tasks over time.

      • 2

        Ask people you know for handyman referrals. Start by asking your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Also ask local area professionals such as real-estate agents, home inspectors and general contractors for referrals.

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        A quick phone call can help determine the right match for your home project.

        Call your prospective handymen. Have your project list handy to see if the tasks you need done are within the realm of skills possessed by each particular prospect. Some tasks may be more complex and require a licensed plumber, electrician or HVAC contractor.

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        Ask the prospective handyman several questions to ascertain his experience and quality of workmanship. Who will actually be performing the proposed work? How many years of experience does he have? What education, training and certifications does he possess? What warranty does the company offer?

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        Inquire about pricing. Pricing can be by the hour or by the project. For larger projects, an in-person site visit is often needed to gather additional information for developing an accurate estimate.

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        Written contracts help both the homeowner and the handyman.

        Perform background and reference checks before hiring. Contact a few references of people that the handyman has done previous work for locally. Also, verify license (if required) and insurance coverage. At a minimum, a handyman should have general liability insurance and many states require worker’s compensation insurance. Contacting the local Better Business Bureau for a rating and review of any past complaints is also advisable

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        Review the written contract agreement before signing it and prior to any work being performed. A clear written scope of work and payment terms should be a part of this agreement. Ask questions for clarification and amend the written agreement if needed. Having everything clearly written out will help to avoid any future misunderstandings.






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