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Shower wall kits

Shower wall kits

Shower wall kits are not the first choice for most homeowners. At times we need to take care of repairs at our homes and money may be a little tight. Meaning that there are several ways to repairs things cheaper than other ways. And it’s at some of these times that we just have to watch our budgets. That is where shower wall kits come into play.
They are inexpensive and do not take to long to install if you have the right tools and you know what you are doing.
This shower wall install that we did just recently was one of those situations where they were getting water downstairs from a shower that has a big problem with wall tiles that had come loose and allowing water to get behind those tiles and getting downstairs. Again, They couldn’t allow the water to continue to cause damage so they called us in to take a look and make some suggestions, like a Custom walk-in shower base or other options out there. They went with just covering the old tile with an inexpensive 5 piece wall unit. The shower wall kits that we look at from Lowes were something that we thought could solve the issue at hand. Shower wall kits at lowes
Simple but effective in stopping the water issue. And it didn’t look that bad.
So there can always be cheaper options if that is all you can do at the time.
The one thing I will say about these cheaper shower wall kits. Don’t expect them to look as good as they do when you first install them 3 or 4 years down the road. Depending on how well you take care of them and the type of cleaners you use. More than likely the finish will not hold up forever. Keep this in mind when you go to put scrub brite on it.
Thanks for reading. And for all your home repairs and remodeling
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