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Siding repairs Charlotte NC

Installing Hardie Plank siding materials.

Installing Hardie Plank siding materials.






In the past 30 plus years, There has been a huge amount of different sidings used on residential homes here in the Charlotte NC area. Most of this siding has been found to be unreliable to withstand the elements of the outdoors for more than 10 years. Siding manufactures have pushed all these siding products onto the market only to find this out later. The home owner will be the one that has to deal with the issues of these siding products and in most cases it is expensive to replace.

The newest siding product is the Hardie Plank brand. Our company has used tons of this product replacing the old wooden siding that I mentioned earlier. At first I thought this was the answer, but hold on just a second. Ive been using this product for approx. 7 or 8 years. As I go back to continue to replace old for new I am finding this new siding product has its issues too. In certain situations this product will start delamination, peeling apart in layers. I didn’t even know that it had layers. Very disappointing to say the least. We like to warranty our work and if this siding is not holding up then we will be finding ourselves holding the bag somewhere down the line.


It just seems to me that they just have not come up with a product to date that is in fact the answer. Yes this siding may be a step in the right direction but that’s about it. And again, these failures that I speaking of here are not referring to the overall performance of the product but under certain situations.

As with most siding products its always where the cuts are made.

Keep a watch on this and see if you experience the same thing.

Thanks for reading.

Paul Kerr

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