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    Contractors in Charlotte

    Looking for professional Contractors in Charlotte? Welcome to Call 1 Home Services! If you’ve never hired us before, it’s a perfect time to discover how valuable we can be for your home repairs. We offer brilliant general repairs and maintenance for most things around the home! If you’re looking for a major project like replacing

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    Charlotte Handyman

    We know that there will be times when you need a high-quality repair service from excellent Charlotte Repair and Remodeling Company or a Charlotte Handyman. We are here to help you! With over 35 years of experience in home repairs, we’re here to help you.  No matter how difficult your problem seems to you, we’ve seen

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    Charlotte House Shutters

    House shutters have been used for centuries all around the globe. They come in different sizes and shapes and can deliver a great look to your home, without costing you too much. Traditional shutters are more commonly used, as you can see on the photos here. But they can hardly bring anything special to your

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    How to Use Ladders

    I think that almost everyone has had the experience of being on a ladder one or more times. Maybe, it was not a big ladder, as ladders come in all possible sizes. If you need, you can find ladders at any hardware store. So the question is: How to use Ladders. Let us help. Ladders

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    Handyman Charlotte, NC

    Are you in need of a qualified handyman in Charlotte NC? Stop shopping around, you’re already at the right place. Feel free to call us whenever you have any home remodeling & repair needs. Hire a professional handyman in Charlotte right now by calling 704-614-3420 or contacting us via our contact form. Handyman Charlotte NC is

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    Home Repair Contractors in Charlotte

    Are you looking for a Home Repair Contractors in Charlotte? We’re here to meet all your repair and remodeling needs. Actually, it doesn’t matter what kind of issue you have now and how complex it is – with over 35 years of experience in working with all types of house repair works, we’d be glad

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    Understanding Your GFI

    I doubt that GFI is something you regularly think about.  But you immediately remember about it once your coffee maker stops working or there is no more power in your kitchen. It is the time when you exclaim: “What’s going on here?!” Time to start Understanding Your GFI.  This is the time when your device becomes

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    New Bathroom Remodeling Project in Charlotte

    Do you have a Bathroom Remodeling Project in Charlotte? If so we have 35 years experiences remodeling bathrooms in the Charlotte area. Call 1 Home Services in Charlotte 704-614-3420. We’re here to meet all your needs! Bathroom Remodeling Project in Charlotte Images Here’s one of our last bath remodeling projects we’ve completed in Charlotte. As you can see,

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