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Water damage due to Clogged guttering, Raintree condominium Charlotte.

As we go through many home repairs that we do in the Charlotte area. You will see quite a few on water damage. Water damage due to all types of situations. Your home has to be protected from many different elements. But we will focus on this one for now as it really shows the importance of getting your gutter cleaned and getting gutter repair austin if it’s needed. If the homeowner paid more attention to their gutter then they could have avoided this. If you’re seeking gutter cleaners in Colorado, you might want to reach out to Sonlight for their services.

Water damage

Decay behind gutter on facia.

We have limited images on this repair, but we will show what we have.

After gutter was removed.

After gutter was removed.

You can see here that the water damage was pretty extensive behind the gutter. In fact the framing work fell to the ground in small pieces when we were removing the gutter. The framing that was holding up all the trim work and gutter is now gone and will have to be rebuilt. In fact, this homeowner might be better off exploring different gutters and gutter systems instead.

Siding was also decayed and removed.

Siding was also decayed and removed.

This blog is to inform the homeowner of the damage that water can have on the wood & composite materials in your home. This is really very small compared to most of what we see. But is still costly and could have been prevented if the homeowner would periodically check the home for potential problems before they get this bad.

Caulking and painting will prevent a lot of water damage and it doesn’t cost that much to do. And if you are a handy person, it costs even less.

In this project. We replaced the siding going up the right side. The facia board going up right side. The trim and the framing behind gutter. The materials we used were a NO ROT material. Everything was caulked and painted.

This damage was probably the result of a clogged gutter. Causing water to back up and pour over behind gutter and it probably went on for a couple of years before it was noticed.

Follow up to come.

I did want to follow up with the after images of the above repair.

Finished repair 1

Finished repair 1

We did re-use the guttering material simply because of the cost to make up a new one.. So other than some denting it works fine. Hopefully this also answers the question of “do houses need gutters” for many people – they really can help keep the water away from the walls.

The material we used was a NO ROT material. We use this for most all of the exterior repairs. It just makes sense to use something that will not rot again.

All the siding that was removed was replaced with a Hardie Plank material. Which is also supposed to withstand the elements. (I disagree with this somewhat, but that’s another topic);

Trim repair.

Trim repair.

So even though this seems like a minor repair. It took almost a day to get it back in place and painted.

The damage from water can happen anywhere on your home, so keep a look out and stop it before it gets too far.

If you are looking for Gutter Cleaning and Repair, give us a call at 704-614-3420.

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