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Wiring problems in your home! We can take care of it!

Wiring problems and issues of all types can occur in your home for a number of reasons and at any time day or night. Your electrical system is a pretty good design and can work without issue for years. But, there are those times when something goes wrong and you want it fixed ASAP. We are spoiled people when it comes to a light working or not working.

Obviously, these problems can be easily resolved, maybe it is just a bulb or maybe it is just the contact in the bulb holder that is depressed and just needs to be bent back up so that it does make contact with the bottom of the bulb.


wiring problem

bulb holder in lamp

In these instances there is no cause to get excited. But, what if the power to your refrigerator goes out and it’s full of your just bought groceries? That’s another thing entirely. You could loose everything if it is not corrected.

The electrical system in your home is user friendly. It was designed so wiring problems could be identified and corrected sometimes by the homeowner. Your panel box is full of disconnects that control different parts of your home and should show what is controlling what. If the electrician took the time to do this correctly.

In some cases, the wiring problems occur due to damage of wires by the animals. Squirrels and Rats can also cause such issues if left to do so. Getting into attic spaces and crawl areas where they will chew up anything they take a liking to. The animals like dogs just want something to chew on and it leaves you with wiring problems that can be expensive and dangerous if left as is.

Home Wiring Problems

Squirrel damage 1

Chewed wiring repair

Chewed wiring

Wiring Problem Repair

wiring damage

So, as you can see, there are many ways wiring problems can start and why they started. We at Call 1 home electrical can get you back up running in no time.


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