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Ask questions at your local Hardware centers, From Call 1 Home Services 704-614-3420 .

Tips from Call 1 Home services in Charlotte NC.

A lot of the time when there is something we need for our home repair or remodeling project , The first place we head is our local hardware store. In this day and time it is probably going to be Home depot or Lowes. Small hardware’s are becoming more and more scarce. Sad but thru.

But anyway,, When we get to the hardware store we need to be prepared to take advantage of the people that  work at these supply houses. And I mean that in a nice way. They are there for you. And many times you will find them to be very helpful and knowledgeable. I have been doing home repairs and handyman services for 35 years but there are still times that I need to have a question answered and I have benefited greatly from others knowing more than me, as should all of us.

There literally are thousands of items in this store and products are changing all the time. Tools of all types and Brands, Dewalt , Bosh, Skill, Milwaukee, Makita , The list goes on. Flooring products and the tools to install them. Carpeting and padding, Drywall , paints, brushes , caulks , stains, sprayers, nails , hammers, nail guns, Hand tools, Lighting of all sorts, indoor and out,  Roofing materials.

Sometimes more than not it can be difficult to find that one thing we need. I myself do not like wasting to much time looking for something. The way I see it, It is money out of my wallet if Iam not productive.

So I like to get in and out. And I would imagine that you do too.

But the primary point here is to be comfortable asking questions and educating yourself from people that know some of the ins and outs of home repairs and remodeling.

Most enjoy helping you and that’s what they get paid to do. Take advantage and learn.

Brought to you by Call 1 Home services, We can handle all your home repair and remodeling needs.


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