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Bathroom Remodeling in Charlotte NC


Some older bathrooms require a total remodel – think 1970s shag carpeting and gold-plated fixtures – while others simply need a makeover. Whatever your bathroom needs, you can find it, here to search bathroom remodeling kansas city or a location more location to you. Check out these five simple ways to spruce up your bathroom in a weekend. If your bathroom requires more than just a weekend job, give Mr. Handyman a call to schedule help with the more involved projects.

Toilet & Sink
If you have an older toilet that came with the house, odds are it looks dated and uses much more water than necessary. Pick out a low-flow, high-performance toilet in a modern, streamlined style, plus a matching sink. You might even want to switch from a cabinet sink to a pedestal one, which will open up the bathroom and make it feel much larger. Take care when choosing the fixture finish of these pieces, as it will set the tone for other décor elements in the room such as bath tile and more. It is also incredibly important whilst you are doing the plumbing to ensure the heating in your bathroom is working correctly and to a high standard. There is nothing worse than a freezing cold bathroom, which makes you feel less refreshed than when you first entered. Using reliable HVAC services, like this one, ensures that your bathroom is warm, toasty, and relaxing.

Bathroom Mirror
If you live in an older home or one built to builder specifications, you likely have a plain mirror attached to the wall above the sink with plastic clips. Take it down and hang a mirror in a less traditional shape – such as a vertical or horizontal oval – with a complementary frame. For example, if the fixtures on the toilet and sink you chose have a warm finish, pick out a frame with a warm look as well. A deep bronze has a warmer look than, say, a cooler brushed nickel.

Bathroom Accessories
Once you choose your toilet, sink and mirror, accessorizing other bathroom fixtures proves easy. Look for towel racks, shower caddies, and toothbrush holders in the same style and finish as the other fixtures for a consistent look in the small room. Too many different types of fixtures and finishes make for a busy-looking bathroom.

Shower Curtain
Unless you have an unusually large bathroom, you won’t be hanging large pieces of art there, so consider the shower curtain your statement piece. Choose a color and design that complements the choices already made. If you opted for fixtures and finishes in cooler colors, create a spa-like setting with a white waffle-weave shower curtain and matching linens, or you could even opt for a frameless glass shower so there is no need for a curtain. If you went warm, a similarly warm red in a bold print would provide a pop of color in the room. Bring an actual fixture with you to the store to help with decision-making.

Bathroom Rugs & Towels
With your shower curtain picked out, head to the linens area and hold it up against towels and rugs to find the best match. If you chose a shower curtain in a solid design, introduce a pattern through rugs and towels. The choices are seemingly endless; don’t be afraid to take your time or to even purchase several options to take home with you for a styling session. Just let family members know they are not approved for use yet, so you can return them.

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