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Need A Handyman in Matthews NC ? 704-614-3420)

Need A Handyman in Matthews NC ? 704-614-3420)

We love the town of Matthews NC, Its not to far from our location in Mint Hill NC maybe about 20 mins.

Matthews has the same kind of feel as Mint hill.. Small town, no big buildings to speak of. Mainly rural I guess you would say. Be the population is still fairly dense. Probably twice the size of Mint Hill. Both have its supply of Handymen and home repair companies.We want to be a stand out in both communities as a source for all your home repairs and remodeling needs. Charlotte NC is the mother city to both of these towns, whats been annexed surrounds both Matthews and Mint Hill, With both having Mecklenburg county property  taxes.

Our business takes us mainly to the south Charlotte area most of the time, Not sure why that is. I would say 90% of our business is in South Charlotte, Providence rd , Highway 51, Rea rd. And 485 in that area. We will travel anywhere in the city.

Of course Mint Hill is our home town but believe it or not we do not do a huge amount of work here. That would be nice since it would involve much less travel. And with gas over $4.15 per gall in Charlotte, Mint Hill, Matthews, you do want to consider that, You have too.

Both Mint Hill and Matthews has a large # of older homes as well as new construction, With the new construction slowing down for years due to economy on new homes.

Which has also been one of the reasons for a influx of Handyman services, Home repair Companies,  and all kinds of Contractors bidding for home owners to use there services. So at this point in our business Call 1 Home Services has to share the work that comes from the Mint Hill, Matthews , Charlotte,Pineville nc , areas with a lot more contractors. But that is the way it is in this economy .

I know that there is enough to go around but you do have to make a huge effort to stand out from the rest, With excellent service, Professional workers that have a abundance of knowledge of all aspects of Handyman services, Home Repairs of every kind, and do it all at a fair price. No easy task !

Home owners all ways think of the money first as we all tend to do. But we have to be careful when we think that way.

My company, Call 1 Home Services has all the necessary insurances which protect us as well as you. General liability, Workman’s comp.are not free . And we need to have them. If a contractor falls and gets hurt and there is know protection from the company he works for, He or she can go after the home owners insurance to cover his medical bills. Not only that,, When a company goes after the cheapest labor out there that person may have very little experience in Handyman , Home repair work. Therefore the quality of the end result can be a disaster. And you know who get left holding the mess ? YOU!

So be cautious when hiring a Handyman service or Home Repair Company,, They are not all created equal. If they are cheap its very likely they are not covered by insurances and do not have good business practices. Do your home work and don’t be sorry.

Call 1 Home Services wants your business but we want to earn it.

Give us a Call @ 704-614-3420

And visit our website @ WWW.Call1HomeServices.com for more about who we are and what we do. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Paul Kerr

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