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Your Best Bet for a Handyman in Charlotte nc

Look in the Phone book and you find pages and pages of handyman guys. In our economy there have been a on-slot of people claiming to be a handyman. Let me assure you that they are not all created equal.   You need a experienced handyman, and it doesn’t hurt if they are general contractors in Charlotte nc. A good contractor are also hard to find. Some may have there general contractors license but know very little about hands on work and what it takes to actually do the job. I’ve seen it over and over again. And my point would be that if they do not know how to do the Home Repair you need or the remodeling that is underway in your home, It can be disastrous. Bath remodels or Kitchen remodels take time  and experience.

Don’t let your next home repair or remodeling job turn into a nightmare. Call, Call 1 home Repair and let us take the worry out of your home repair project.

And if it is a bath or Kitchen remodeling job we can handle that as well.

Thanks for Considering Call 1 Home services.          





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