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Home Wood Rot Repairs in Charlotte

We are a Home wood rot repairs company, prevent wood rot from harming and devaluing your home!

Wood rot mainly comes with an irritating and annoying surprise. This can be the after effect of climate damage, an absence of maintenance, or numerous factors. The Wood rot shows up anywhere on your home where there is wood. You can see few rot examples in images below:

Perhaps, you are thinking to trim a board or paint a window and you find the wood under the old paint is soft. Worse is when you are in the crawlspace or basement and find rot in joists and structural beams!

Left untreated, with the obligation conditions, wood rot may increase and sooner or later debilitate the structure of your home.

Call 1 Home Services specializes in wood rot and home repairs that can help prevent wood rot. We offer expert and affordable wood rot repair and home repair services in Charlotte.

What is Wood Rot? What Causes It?

Wood Rot is a wood damaging organism. It is created by certain types of Fungi. An excessive amount of exposure to wetness can bring about the wood to rot and destroy the soundness of the structure. Wood rot can be caused by numerous factors, such as:

  • High levels of water in the ground beneath the structure

  • A lot of shrubbery or greenery that are in direct contact with the structure

  • Ruptured or Leaking pipes

  • Inadequately situated gutters, drainage pipes, or lawn sprinklers

  • Damaged roof that’s causing leaks and is in need of roof repair round rock.

Our experts are well aware of the warning clues to search for, and can provide an efficient and timely solution altered to the severity and position of any wood rot problem in your home.

What to Expect with Home Wood Rot Repairs

Repairing wood rot is a simple and easy process which can be taken care in a couple of easy steps by our experienced specialists. After the rotted wood has been excised, wood hardener will be applied to reinforce existing wood and to shield against such problems later on.

Get an Estimate from a well-known Home Wood Rot Repair Company

If you believe your home to have wood rot and it is in need of Wood Repair, you need to give our Call 1 Home Services experts a call at 704-614-3420.


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