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Toilet trouble. If your toilet seems to be flushing a little listlessly, don’t blame the water pressure. Ninety percent of the time, the holes under the rim are the problem. Or, more accurately, the calcium and sediment clogging the holes are the problem. Get a small brush with stiff bristles and clean them out. The action of the toilet will be much better.

Leaky toilets are a problem, especially if you have a septic tank. All that extra water can cause the septic tank to fill up too quickly. In which instance you’ll probably want to get someone in to carry out septic tank cleaning. To find and fix those leaks, first check the ball float, which controls the water level in the tank. If it lets the water rise too high, it will start to flow into the overflow pipe and right out the drain. Adjust the arm for the ball float by tightening the screw at the top of the arm mechanism. Or bend the arm downward, which will stop the water flow sooner after a flush.

The other most likely source of a leak is the flapper. Go to the hardware store, buy a new flapper for less than $5.00, pop the old one off and put the new one on. Before you take that last step, though, clean around the area to remove any sediment that might keep the flapper from sealing properly.

Grungy grout. Now that the toilet is working fine, it’s time to fix the tile. If you want to replace the grout, you have two options: Dig it out by hand or use a grout-removal attachment on a rotary tool. The first option will give you forearms like Popeye’s; the second will give you some free time. You can get all the grout out of a shower in just a couple of hours. Then you’re ready to replace it, maybe with a color-coordinated grout that can give the bathroom a whole new look.

Annoying doors. Squeaky or sticky doors can drive you crazy, but it’s easy to fix them, too, using a rotary tool with a different attachment. With the Dremel XPR, you can shave off the edge of the door that’s sticking. (If you’re not sure exactly where that part might be, rub the inside of the door casing with colored chalk, then close the door. When you open it again, you’ll see chalk on the part of the door that made contact with the frame.)

To get rid of a squeak, just rub some petroleum jelly on the hinges. It’s not as messy as oil, it works just as well and you probably have it on hand.

Handyman in your area

A handyman is just that a handyman. he can do many different projects just like the one we mentioned here. The toilet repair. A handyman in some states can do light electrical, and light plumbing as well. You will need to see what your local state says about theses guidelines for Handyman or handymen in your area.

There are good handymen and bad ones. Talk to your Handyman and see how much he knows about all the different home repairs that come up around your home.There will always be home repairs and they always be a need for someone that can fix them. Every home owner needs a good home repair handyman to call on in there area.

What is a Handyman?

What is a Handyman?

A home handyman is a jack-of-all-trades capable of handling a wide variety of home repairs and chores. These tasks may include repair work, home maintenance and odd jobs around the house and yard. Some handymen are skilled at light construction, plumbing and electrical work.

A good handyman is versatile enough to complete a variety of small- to medium-sized jobs, and honest enough to admit when a job requires a professional, certified contractor.

The Limits of the Family Handyman

Almost every family has a family handyman: a dedicated do-it-yourself enthusiast. A family handyman can be very proficient and helpful, as long as he or she knows when to stop. Sometimes a family handyman takes on projects better left to trained individuals. And let’s face it– some family handymen possess more enthusiasm than skill.

Even if you’re a skilled family handyman, some jobs are too large for a single person. In such cases, it often makes sense to hire a professional handyman.

When to Hire a Home Handyman

Many people hire a home handyman to perform tasks that they can’t do themselves, but convenience is also a factor. A handyman can help by:

  • Assisting with jobs that may be dangerous, like cleaning leaves from a high gutter or changing a light fixture.
  • Completing tasks that require a specific skill, like repairing small plumbing problems.
  • Helping with routine tasks and maintenance that you can do on your own, but you’re too busy to complete. This may include painting the trim on your house, shoveling snow or mowing the lawn.

Finding the Right Handyman

You can find handyman services through the yellow pages, newspaper ads and online handyman websites. However, the best way to find a good, reliable handyman is by word of mouth.

Ask friends, family and coworkers for recommendations. Chances are, someone you know has a trusted home handyman. Ask the person recommending the handyman if you can view their work, and if they think the handyman is well suited to your particular project.

The Importance of Certification and Insurance

Each U.S. state has its own laws concerning handyman licenses. Some states don’t require that handymen be licensed, while others require licenses for handymen who work with electricity, gas or plumbing. If your state requires handyman licenses, be sure to check that your handyman’s license is current.

If possible, hire a handyman who has his own liability insurance. If the handyman is injured on your property, you could be held liable for medical expenses. Some jobs, such as raking leaves, carry little risk of injury. For other projects, such as rewiring electrical systems, you should insist on hiring a handyman with liability insurance.



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