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Plumbing/ Shower valve replacement Charlotte

Plumbing and Shower valve replacement Charlotte

The majority of us suppose our shower will work splendidly when we turn on the water supply. But, sometimes the things don’t go as per plan and an issue creates. Don’t worry if your shower is not working properly, call our Shower valve replacement expert and they will analyze and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We at Call 1 Home Services provide all kinds of plumbing services, such as sewer line repair, drain cleaning, maintenance and various other services. If you would like to check out an alternative, you can go to sharpplumbing.com/services/plumbing/ to see if they can be of assistance.

Recently we had a call from a homeowner who was doing some of their own home repairs, but had gotten to a place where they didn’t feel comfortable finishing the project.

The place they were stuck was replacing the shower valve in both of their bathrooms. They wanted to place new fixtures in, replacing the old tarnished chrome ones. This is something that can and will need to be done if you stay in your home long enough.

Shower valve replacement

This homeowner had effectively taken the shower panel and trim kits off and this is how far he had gotten. This is a typical looking kit. They differ incredibly in colors and designs.

shower panel

So, if you never realized what was behind that wall, now you see. There isn’t a lot there and the function of it is simple. The one thing that some homeowners don’t understand is the fact that the body you have behind the wall has to match up with the trim kits.

This homeowner may or may not have sought after finding new trim kits to replace the old. Everything was off and gone by the time we got there. This would have made this project easier and less costly. So, if you are faced with a similar situation, call your local plumber as soon as possible.

However, to move on. We cut the valve out.

Cutting the old valve out

Cutting the old valve out

Once out we could assemble the new valve based on what was there.

new and old shower valve

new and old shower valve

Some guys may choose to sweat off all the old copper and use on the new. We choose not to do that. So as you see here, we are using all new fittings.

You will also notice the similarities of the 2 fixture bodies. They may look the same, but they are not. However, again I feel that the homeowner could have gotten new trim kits for this old unit and saved himself in time and money.

new shower valve catridge

new shower valve

Before you sweat anything back in, you have to remove the actual valve cartridge from the brass body. Without doing this you would destroy the whole valve. When sweating the new fittings into place, the brass body will get extremely hot. So, if you did not remove this plastic valve it would be melted and stuck to the body. And it would be left useless.

Now, the next step is sweating all the fittings into place. We have basically duplicated what was cut out and put on the valve body. This is a picture of the new body as it comes.

new shower water valve

new shower water valve

At this point we will need to stop our project and pick up the conclusion of it later.

If you are looking for quality plumbing services in Charlotte, look no further just give us a call at 704-614-3420.

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