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Handyman Charlotte NC, Call 1 Home Repair 704-614-3420 Charlotte Handyman

Experienced Handyman Charlotte NC, Call 1 Home Repair 704-614-3420

You know,,, I’ve never liked the word Handyman and let me tell you why.

Handyman Charlotte NC

What does Handyman  Charlotte NC mean exactly ? I think when most people think of handyman they think of a guy that can do a little of everything but cant do any of them really well. Now you see why I don’t like the word. And I will also tell that’s why I cal my company Call 1 Home Services. I provide all home owners with a service that is not a band aid but a top notch first class repair. Whither it is electrical, Plumbing, carpentry, Handyman services, roofing , inspection reports, It just doesn’t matter what it is we typically know how to take care of the problem and know how to fix it right.

Our company doesn’t just say this, we can provide testimonial after testimonial of happy home owners that have used our Handyman service, Electrical service, plumbing service. And 9 times out of 10 we do not get call backs. And why would we want too? Its money out of our pocket and a unhappy homeowner.

I think a lot of local contractors do not think about keeping there customers as long term clients. They think of that handyman job as a 1 time thing. So they cut corners, leave a mess, run out the door and don’t look back. Not only do I think it is a good idea to spend time after you have taken care of there home repair, I like to get to know them. They are people, not a pocket book. LOL

We have been in business for 35 years in the Charlotte area. We can do just about anything that has to do with residential housing. We would like for you to give us a try.

We bring what we need most every time so we are productive.


Give us a call @ 704-614-3420

A true Handyman!


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