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Home Repair Companies: Plumbing, Electrical & Handyman Services

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Home repair companies

There is a Great deal to say about having a Home Repair company that can come to your home and take care of every need you have. What time and money it truly saves the homeowner to find such company.

The time that it consumes to get a plumber out or an electrician out on 2 different days and at 2 different times etc. We have all been there. Think of the time that you have lost not doing the things that you need to do because you are waiting on them. You are stuck.

It does not have to be that way. So, you should choose a company who provides reliable services. I would suggest to choose Call 1 Home Services. We are a premier home repair company in the Charlotte area that can deal with all your home repair needs.

Call 1 Home Services – Serving Charlotte for More Than 35 Years

Home Repair Companies

All your home repairs in 1 Call.

You have worked hard to build and maintain your home so when it’s time to renovate or repair your home, choose the best home repair company. When you want the well known and top company in Charlotte to finish your home repair or renovation projects, call us.

We have been in the home repair business for 35 years and we know what we are doing. We come prepared to do the job and let you know what we are doing and why. Once you choose us there will be no reason to look further. And the next time you need a home repair company you will not have to fumble through the phone book or surf the net not knowing what you will end up with.

One of the things that I find baffling is why homeowners do not find a good home repair company and stick with them. It seems that every time that need something done around the house they start from scratch looking all over again instead of finding a good one and keeping their information handy for future reference.

We have great references and knowledge of your home. Why would you want to go anywhere else.

So, next time you need a home repair company… remember Call 1 Home Services @ 704-614-3420

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