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Siding Damage and Repair in Charlotte NC.

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Siding is normally introduced to shield your home from rough climate conditions. It is commonly made of hard material, however, over time, it will become sensitive and prone to damage.

As you can see here in the images, siding damage and repair will be a necessary and constant thing for any home that were built with the siding products of Masonite and or wood chip composite type.

This particular siding you see here was a product that did fail within a 10 year period. However, the manufacturer was sued and found responsible for the replacement of the product. Unfortunately, the property that this siding was on, procrastinated and did not get compensated for their damage.

Knowing now that siding damage and repair is a costly project, they may have pursued this a little more vigorously.

The siding damage and repair will go on for years to come and there has already been a huge amount of siding already replaced in this community. It’s really just a drop in the bucket. Over the next few years, there will be $100s of thousands of dollars spent doing these siding repairs.

Siding damage and repair.

Siding damage and repair.

What we are finding is the homes here can not escape the home inspectors when the home are being sold. They find this siding damage and repair as well. Of course, they will write it up and someone has to fix it. The HOA in this case has been the one handling this and as I already said, it is costly. I think they had several assessments over the years to raise the HOA fees. And of course, this may be an ongoing thing.

And of course this may be a ongoing thing.

We are now and have been for 7 or 8 years, changing out the siding and are using the Hardie Plank materials that are available. This is suppose to be a NO ROT material, but as I have mentioned in another post, I don’t think this a 100% true. But it is what’s available today and it’s the best thing out there today.

Hiring a Reliable and Affordable Siding Damage Repair

Whether you are seeking for a new siding installation or just want to get your siding repaired, our home improvement and Home repair experts can help. Call 704-614-3420 and schedule your siding repair or installation today!

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