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Home Repair Company in Charlotte NC (704-614-3420)

All your home repair needs in 1 Call,, Thats right. 1 Call.

Our company has been in the home repair business for 35 years and we have seen all there is to see,, (Almost Iam sure).

Home repairs are going to be something that all of us will need at some point. Things break and wear out. Weather takes its toll. And you want to be able to call someone that you have confidence in to be able to take of the issue and do it well.

There are many guys out there that say they can do many things, but not so fast… Can they really? Home repairs come in so many different varieties that its not even funny. And it takes experience to know how to handle each one. You have to know what will work and what want. And sometimes you may have to say it cant.

Call 1 Home Services can be that company and in fact we are that company. We have testimonials that show that we have satisfied home-owner all over the city. We make it a point to never leave a home until all aspects of the job are completed. And that means cleaning up behind ourselves.

We of course can go far beyond just home repairs. We can do remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms, Take out walls, new flooring, painting, Drywall, Drywall repair,

Door Replacement, Window replacements, ect ect.

The main thing to mention here is ask us about your home repair or remodeling project and we will give you strait answers.

Visit us @ WWW.Call1HomeServices.com

or Call 703-614-3420


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Welcome to our blog where we share our expert knowledge and experience on home remodeling and home repair projects.

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