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Counter top installation

Counter top installation

Counter Top Installation.

Granite counter-tops

What a difference a new counter-top can make!

Counter top installation


We have been working on several counter-top installation jobs in the past week. Some less expensive than others. The one you see here is more of the costly side but Wow is there a big difference between laminate and granite!

This is considered an Exotic type granite. Beautiful to say the least. So many different colors and patterns. Spots where it looks like crystals sparkling. The homeowner with her new counter-top installation can feel confident that she will get her money back when they sell their home. If and when that time comes. But until then, she can enjoy.

The process for this counter-top installation was first to decide what would replace the old laminate. There are wholesalers that sell the granite to the fabricators. For some reason, you just can’t go out and buy it yourself. At least not in my area. All you do is pick it out. Here is a link to a local granite supplier in Charlotte NC. http://www.cosmosgranite.com/charlotte

They have many to choose from. They are categorized by Classic, Semi Exotic, and Exotic. As you go up, the more expensive they get. But I would say to make sure you take your time on choosing. It’s something that you will have to live with. And the next time you look to sell your home This can make a huge difference in how people see your house as desirable or not. So when you are looking to ‘sell house fast‘, so to speak, keep these changes in mind. Kitchens, as we all know, are a main focal point in our homes. That’s where everyone seems to end up. So if you go cheap, you will always be looking forward to when he can do what you really want. Go ahead and do it now. A counter top installation is not something that you will do that often. So make it count


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