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Granite counter tops

Granite counter tops

If you have ever played around with the idea of adding new granite counter tops to your kitchen, you should consider not only the value it will bring to this area at resale but also the beauty of some of the choices you have out there.

Granite counter tops have been around for a long time but you will see the same type in most homes. More of a solid color with speckles thru out. Not a lot of character in my opinion. It could be the cost that causes most to use this simpler looking product but I say if you are going to do it and you want it to be different and stand out then take your time and look at all the options. And I cant speak enough about taking your time with this granite counter tops because you are going to have to live with your choice once its in.

Granite counter tops are not something you will be doing yourself. You have to have a fabricator to actually get the material cut for your custom tops. What you do have to do is pick your product out at a local granite supplier.

Here is one you can check out. http://www.graniteworksofcharlotte.com/Pages/default.aspx

There are many and some will have better choices than others and the cost can vary.

There are some concerns that, as a contractor, I like to address when I go over, before starting a project. When you look at Granite Remnants & Slabs in a warehouse, you may not know exactly what it’s going to look like in your home. It can sometimes be hard to envision. But once it’s in, it’s yours and there is no turning back. So, again. So, it is best to take your time and make a good choice.

granite counter tops

Granite counter tops

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