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Your Charlotte Contractors

Your Charlotte Contractors

Why Charlotte Contractors should value their business?

Here I’d like to take a couple of minutes to talk about the costs of home remodeling and repair offered by agencies in Charlotte area. Well, for any company there are two main goals to achieve:

  1. making the customers happy with the service you provide.
  2. Staying profitable while running your business.

Some homeowners realize that there is a cost to the contractor they don’t see. Others see just the final bill, which they are either ok with or not, thinking that they’ve been charged too much. Here I’d like to talk about the latter ones, who think that they’ve been charged too much.

It’s almost 35 years that I have been involved with home remodeling and repairs and 18 years I’ve run the business Charlotte contractors. There are lots of things I’ve seen during this time. It’s been a long period of time that I have been learning and understanding this business and I’m still on my way of developing skills and learning new things.

Let’s look at the influence of this time on any professional career. If we know that a person is doing something for 35 years already, should we think that he has a high qualification in what he does? And does he deserve to get a good compensation for that? What I want to pay attention to is deep knowledge of the industry and the trade.

I look back and remember the time when I went to a trade school and learned electrical, plumbing, maintenance, building and remodeling. The studies were not easy and included a variety of things to learn.

Today an electrician or plumber can go out and do one and the same thing the whole day. I mean most of the time is spent on repetitive tasks. After they’ve learned their trade, they become extremely productive in what they do. Yes, they can try doing something different, but that rarely happens.

Today a regular plumber earns about $85-$110 per hour. The same amount is charged by electricians. And this is just 1 person.

Well, now you probably understand what I mean. A company like the one I have or similar companies shouldn’t be ashamed of earning $85-$100/an hour for the job we do, that is of course, if we are really good at what we do.

I strongly believe in bringing true value to all homeowners we work for. Yes, we can deliver all the above mentioned services and be real professionals while doing it.

Charlotte Contractors Interview

To pass an interview for Charlotte contractors in my company is not an easy task. Usually I spend hours talking with people who want to have work with me. There are about a half dozen docs that tell what the employee’s job consists of and what are the company’s expectations. These things are discussed even before we meet with the person. Some people have told me that they were not interested in working in my company, as there are too many rules here. The truth is that a person, who thinks in this way, will never work in my company.

It’s also worthy to note that all our vans and trucks come with the company’s name on them, so you can always know who we are. The contractor’s wear special hats and T-shirts with company’s logo too. Being neat is a must here.

The trucks we use come with all necessary types of materials that may be required during repair and remodeling works. These are stocked and maintained, include all necessary insurances. Advertising is also needed. This of course, requires a lot of expenses?

Many companies no longer exist only because there were no enough funds to continue business. You have to keep in mind all those things that require much investment.

I have always wondered why some people want to make the trade cheaper than it is? It seems that some people look at a handyman or Charlotte contractors as a person who does just a couple of simple things and it costs him nothing.  

As for me, I don’t like the word handyman and avoid using it in my company. Me and the guys I work with are true experts with a great knowledge of the work we do. There is no other opinion I can have about them. This is my personal attitude.

Finally, I’d like to tell you that you can consider different tradesmen for every task that you need help with in your home. This is your right of choice. However, if you’re interested in saving time and money, choose a really good company, like the one I have and enjoy high quality services all the time, whenever you need them. And try to stick with the people you hire, if they are really good at what they do, of course.

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