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    Contractors in Charlotte

    Looking for professional Contractors in Charlotte? Welcome to Call 1 Home Services! If you’ve never hired us before, it’s a perfect time to discover how valuable we can be for your home repairs. We’re a Charlotte based company and ready to provide high-quality Handyman, Plumber and Electrician services to anyone. Have you ever thought about

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    Electricians in Charlotte

    Here, at Call 1 Home Services we’re happy to provide you with high quality Plumber/Electrician/Handyman services with our electricians in Charlotte. If you’re searching for company that can do all these, you’re in the right place. Please call us today at 704-614-3420. Let’s take it as it comes. Everybody who has home needs to take

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    General Contractors Charlotte

    General Contractors Charlotte

    If you’re searching for a General Contractor in the Charlotte area you should know that there are lots of handymen that also want to work for you. It will be great to find a professional agency that can meet all your repair needs. And of course, no one should get in over their heads when

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    Charlotte Handyman

    We know that there will be times when you need a high-quality repair service from excellent Charlotte Repair and Remodeling Company or a Charlotte Handyman. We are here to help you! With over 35 years of experience in home repairs, we’re here to help you.  No matter how difficult your problem seems to you, we’ve seen

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    Bathroom Remodeling in Charlotte NC

    Bathroom remodeling is really popular today, as well as remodeling of other home areas. The fact is that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. Besides that we all love the spa experience of luxury bathrooms. We would love to visit you to plan and dream up your bathroom remodeling project.  Generally, there are no limits to what

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    Home Wood Rot Repairs in Charlotte

    We are a Home wood rot repairs company, prevent wood rot from harming and devaluing your home! Wood rot mainly comes with an irritating and annoying surprise. This can be the after effect of climate damage, an absence of maintenance, or numerous factors. The Wood rot shows up anywhere on your home where there is

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    Home Rot Repairs in Charlotte NC

    The truth is that one of the most costly repairs is home is wood rot repair. It can be found anywhere in your home where you have wood. We constantly see it in inspection reports. We are very experienced with home rot repair in Charlotte NC and can help solve any issues you are having. Some (not

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    Home Remodeling in Charlotte NC

    Home remodeling is something you might need if you’re planning to stay in your current location. And there are some good reasons for that. First of all, the market is not the same as it was earlier and the new home building has absolutely different value compared to the home you have now. However, we see

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